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Services / Fireworks & Special Effects


John Jossifakis,  provides the most breath taking displays, reproduced and choreographed to music. He can offer numerous possibilities in designing and staging your event, from product launches and concert tours to world class fireworks displays.
John specializes in creating the most unique pyrotechnic, fireworks and lasers effects throughout the world, while providing quality and diversity to enhance your productions.
He is a licensed pyrotechnician and also has a plethora of experienced technicians, trained in safety to transform original displays indoors, as well as outdoor aerial displays. Your company or team logo can be reproduced in Fire Art with the highest quality.

John specializes in the following products and services:

Pyrotechnic and Firework Designs
Touring Systems & Crew
Confetti Cannons
Turbo Blowers
Cryo Jets (CO2 Smoke Jets)
LSG Low Smoke Machines (Liquid CO2)
Sparkle & Flash Powders
Custom Aerial Shells - Multi Breaks
Fountain & Gerb Effects
Colored Flame Effects
Hand Held Devices - Props (PYROProp)
Grid Rocket Lines
Remote Wireless Effects
Propane Gas Flame Effects
Digital Multi-channel Control Firing Systems 
Colored Smoke
Custom Prop Making (Including Breakaway Glass)
Air Cannons (confetti, streamers)
Fog and Dry Ice Machines
Robotic & Latex Effects (Make Up Effects)
Water Fall Effects
Indoor Pyrotechnics / STAGE Pyrotechnics, Close Proximity Effects
Outdoor Fireworks Displays
Bubble Machines
Bullet Hits and Mortars (Actor Squibs)

FIRE BREATH (small, medium, large, Robotic) PROPANE FLAME EFFECTS 

What ever you Special Effects needs are, feel free to contact me for further evaluation and concept design. I will guide you through all the aspects of design to the night of the Show.

I look forward to putting the "Spark" in your performance.

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